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Although I own quite a few anthologies, The Eternal Kiss was the first I actually read It was difficult initially, just being shown this short look into what could be a fantastic story and having it end all too soon Thankfully by the third short story, I was addicted to these little samples of fang tastic tales.I loved the variety of writing styles There were some authors I was familiar with and some ones I was introduced to I always enjoy reading new authors and divulging in their literary stylings, so this was an extra treat I m surprised I ve never thought to read an anthology sooner I expected to have a one or two stories be really good, and the rest just be mediocre, but all 13 stories were really well balanced.My favorites were Undead is Very Hot Right Now by Sarah Brennan This was my favorite story in the anthology I have read Sarah Rees Brennan s book The Demon s Lexicon recently released and found that I really like her writing and her distinct brand humor, and it is really evident in this short story.Basically this one is about a boy band Doesn t that sound horrible in itself But with this band, and every other boy band you have, the hot one, the cool one, the nerdy one You know what I m talking about Well this band had a vampire, Christian, and he is the gimmick The story is about him trying to fit in to his new world.The Thirteenth Step by Libba Bray This story is in the horror category A young girl finds a job at a safe house for recovering addicts, reeling from her home experience and her own sisters admittance into rehab Unfortunately this home has a very distinct thirteen step program.Passing by Nancy Holder and Debbie Vigui I loved the premise of this one It s a post apocalyptic world, were vampires are trying to take over Teens head to Spain to learn how to become vampire hunters I would love to read about this one.Overall a excellent anthology, especially for the legions of vampire fans Although personally I d say the theme is horror than romance. I usually don t enjoy short stories I find it difficult to relate to characters in such a short amount of time.This anthology was no exception sigh Individual ratings Falling to Ash by Karen Mahoney2 stars Shelter Island by Melissa de la Cruz1 star Sword Point by Maria V Snyder3,5 stars The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black3,5 stars Undead is Very Hot Right Now by Sarah Rees Brennan2,5 stars Kat by Kelley Armstrong2 stars The Thirteenth Step by Libba Bray3,5 stars All Hallows by Rachel Caine3 stars Wet Teeth by Cecil Castellucci 2,5 stars Other Boys by Cassandra Clare3 stars Passing by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie2,5 stars Ambition by Lili St Crow2,5 stars All Wounds by Dina James 2 stars. For the record, I really don t like the back cover blurb It wouldn t interest me at all if I wasn t already a fan of most of the authors herein Stories are reviewed individually as well as an overall comment at the end Falling to Ash by Karen MahoneyMoth is a fairly new vampire returning home for her mother s memorial service Unfortunately her sire, Theo needs her to do a job for him that involves reclaiming the ashes of a dead vampire master from a deadly vampire killer I really liked Moth and her ways of handling the various situations thrown at her I want to know about her, read about her adventures The only part I wasn t too happy about was the end, after her run in with Vamp Slayer Jr, when it handles her family It was rushed and we re not really given a lot of depth to understand why it was as sorrowful as I feel the author was going for Shelter Island by Melissa de la CruzA young girl meets a former resident of her house and the danger that has kept him from leaving This was short, sweet and entertaining Hannah is a level headed girl, not prone to hysterics thankfully and the vampire boy she meets and befriends has angst issues, but they re understandable and not annoying The story flowed easily and didn t seem like it was in a rush The end came when the end came, but it was a satisfying ending Sword Point by Maria V SnyderAva dreams of training under the Italian fencing master Bossemi at his illustrious school She does not, however, dream of vampires ending that ambition before it even begins This is only my second taste of MVS s writing outside of the Poison Study Storm Glass world and I found this one to be as engrossing as her others Ava is a likable character and Jarett is a fairly likable guy dressed all in black, which is a sure marker for hero designation I sometimes think when reading her stories You get a real sense of Ava from the story and fair sense of Jarett as well who they are, their motivations and ambitions The vampires vampiros were gruesome, creepy and totally deserving of their ending The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly BlackMatilda used to be a normal girl, until she was bitten and made Cold Now as she fights to keep her humanity by saying perpetually drunk, the friends she left behind may need her help This was a different look at vampires and vampirism I liked that you could, in theory, not turn into a vampire if you could hold out from drinking human blood for 88 days The idea of Coldtown, where the vampires lived and where humans could go and party by bartering their blood for life, was also an interesting concept While I was rooting for a different outcome to the story, I found the ending to bepoetic It fit perfectly Undead is Very Hot Right Now by Sarah Rees BrennanAll Christian wanted to be a rock star he got his wish, but is being the vampire gimmick of a boy band really what he wanted Alternatively I think this should have been titled I m not a brooding vampire looking for his soul kthaxbai This is a snarky, amusing and slightly wistful tale of a guy who just happens to be a vampire that s being exploited by a grasping manager I felt so bad for Christian, its not that no one understood him, it was that they thought they understood him better then he understood himself There are a bunch of really witty one liners in here and I think that the pamphlet that Christian has memorized needs to be updated since it didn t help him handle an idiot lead singer with idol aspirations, nerdy asthmatic bandmate so very scared of him or a stoner drummer who just does not get anything, ever Kat by Kelley ArmstrongKat and her Aunt Marguerite have been on the run from the vampires hunters for two years, but are they after Marguerite the vampire or Kat the unknown supernatural This loosely ties in with Armstrong s Otherworld books and her young adult series The Darkest Powers also set in the Otherworld universe For me this was a win because it fits nicely within The Darkest Powers books which features the Edison Group s genetic testing on supernatural teens extensively which I adore to pieces I don t think I would have guessed Kat s supernatural truth though it does explain quite a bit The Thirteenth Step by Libba BrayLauren takes on an assistant s job at The Angelus House, a Drug Rehab center that has amazing results But what exactly are those amazing results and how are they achieved Okay Buffy fans, when you see Angelus it should say something to you right away whether the author intended it that way or not Anyhow, meta analyzing aside, I wasn t sure what to think of this story at first The vampires here aren t perfect, but they do help people so that s the important thing right Lauren s choice isn t easy, but from a pragmatic standpoint I think it was the right one All Hallows by Rachel CaineOne Year after the horrific Dead Girl s Dance Morganville hosts another Halloween dance but will this one turn out any better for The Glass House crew The most interesting thing about this story was that it was told from Eve s POV, whereas the books are told from Claire s, and Eve has a distinctly different view of the world More assured and confident in herself, Eve notices little things and remarks about other things that would otherwise not be mentioned in the series proper The prophecy that Miranda the town s resident psycho seer says at the end, I m not sure of the implications, but I m definitely interested and hope to see how it plays out in the book series soon Wet Teeth by Cecil CastellucciMiles has been a vampire for sixty years, but hasn t felt human for a single When meets Penny he thinks that maybe things can change, and they do, just not how he expected Sad, sad story I had hope, because Miles isn t a bad sort, but sometimes happily ever after doesn t exist I would have liked to know if this Penny was related to the Penny he knew, when he was a human I fancied she was that Penny s grand daughter and that s why he felt so comfortable with her, but we re not told one way or another Other Boys by Cassandra ClareJennifer wasn t allowed to go out with boys, but when the new kid Colin a self proclaimed vampire draws her interest she suddenly finds the determination to be someone different This was an all right story, though I probably wasn t as surprised as I should have been since a similar plot point is important to one of my favorite young adult vampire trilogies I was however pleased with Jennifer reaction at the end Passing by Nancy Holder and Debbie ViguieAs a young vampire hunter s graduation begins, she reflects on vampires, comrades and the coming battle that could mean her death This story surprised me in that much of what the narrator was saying, later turns out to be misleading and there are surprises that come at you rapid fire at the end I ve also always been a sucker for those romances that have one of the leads against my better judgment sort of feelings I kind of want of this and would have adored this beyond measure if I had read it as a novel instead of a short story I ll cross my fingers and hope Ambition by Lili St CrowTold in first person narrative the charity case at a rich all girls Catholic school, a nasty trick by her oldest friend starts her on a path towards a darker tomorrow The story was a little confusing, because sometimes it would be in in past tense and sometimes it would be in present tense I related with the narrator strongly and the ending is sort of a Lady or a Tiger situation leaving it up to the reader to decide if Johnny came back or not and what her reaction was There was less of a vampire presence in this story then any of the others and the narrator never clarifies if he is or isn t I don t know what Johnny is There s not a word for it page 371, US trade paperback , but contextually that s what he seems to be All Wounds by Dina JamesA young girl gets a late night visitor from a classmate in need and learns that some interesting things about herself and her the grandmother she s been taking care of According to the author blurb this story is the start of a new young adult series the author is working on GOOD I really want to see what sort of hijinks Becky gets into as a healer in training and what sort of snarky banter her and Sydney engage in That being said, the story made me tear up because I would give and do anything to have had time with my grandmother when she was cognizant of her surroundings.I don t think you can rightfully call these romance, or at least not most of them in the Harlequin sense Certainly some of the stories deal with that sort of romance, but all of them look at vampirism from a romantic standpoint the mystery, the darkness and power The allure of the unknown right Each author took a different view of what it means to receive a vampire s kiss and depicted the consequences thereof.I honestly enjoyed all of the stories, revisiting some of my favorite series Morganville and Darkest Powers , reading new fiction from some of my favorite authors Snyder, Bray, Black and Brennan and being introduced to new authors Mahoney, and James made this anthology a great buy and a recommended read for the post Twilight crowd. Anthology vampire stories YA I ll give my overall review here Most of the stories were okay, some a little better than okay some worse than okay I think this anthology is geared toward a 15 16 ish reader and I found myself struggling mostly from boredom to finish it I think my daughter would enjoy it but she s made a pledge to never read anything I ve read first So if I can pretend surprise, Oh my gosh, this book sure looks interesting honey I wonder what it s about I may get her to read it 1 Falling to Ash by Karen Mahoney Moth returns to her hometown for her mother s memorial and her master asks her to steal an urn at a vampire hunter s home She gets caught and escapes Then there s a scene where her father tells her to never come back that she s not welcome I felt this story was incomplete This felt like an outline of a book but was made into a short story I would read this if it were a full length novel, which I feel the author should attempt.2 Shelter Island by Melissa de la Cruz Hannah lives on an island that full during the summer but during the winter is practically deserted, which she loves She notices some strange things going on in the house and then Dylan appears before, a vampire boy, who s running from a vampire that eats his own I don t know if this is a theme for me at least, but this story was so short which made it a little unsatisfying But overall, the story was sweet 3 Sword Point by Maria V Snyder Ava is accepted at a prestigious fencing school They teach fencing and how to kill vampiros Kind of a silly story 4 The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black Matilda has been bitten by a vampire while at a party and if she can hold out for 88 days, she can sweat out the infection, but if she bites anyone she ll automatically die and turn into a vampire She s on her 54th day and a friend of hers runs into her and tells her that his sister and Matilda s boyfriend Julian have gone into the vampire area of town so that his sister can be turned and Julian has gone because if his girlfriend Matilda s turns herself so she can go find them and bad stuff happens This was the most satisfying and complete of the short stories so far 5 Undead is Very Hot Right Now by Sarah Rees Brennan Now this story was the best so far Funny and sad Christian is a vampire in a boy band While walking on the red carpet a girl yells for him as she s being squeezed by the crowd He only been around for 19 years and was made when he was 18, so he s a little insecure This was one of the funny things he said You need water I know this because humans need to drinking water For living He stopped himself from adding, this is just one of the many things that I know and shaming himself further I was smiling through the whole story I ve never read this author, but will look for her books 6 Kat by Kelley Armstrong Another good story Kat is 16 years old and is on the run with Marguerite, who is a vampire Kat is supernatural but she doesn t know how she s supernatural Hunters come one night and chase them through town When they catch Marguerite, Kat tries to exchange herself and is shot by one of the hunters Now she finds out what type of supernatural she is 7 The Thirteenth Step by Libba Bray Lauren gets an asst job as a halfway house One of the neighbors tells her about his cousin and his friend who ran out of their screaming and the cousin was dead, the friend was on the run This story was pretty gory and the ending was horrible, in a good for a horrible story way I don t know if I could read of her stuff if she has the same stuff happening Disturbing 8 All Hallows by Rachel Caine Eve and the Glass House gang go to the EEK annual Halloween party, but Michael so excited by her outfit he goes vampire and needs to stop at the blood bank first Well stuff happens to him and Eve, Shane and Claire see if they can help One of the better of the short stories but that s probably because I know the characters 9 Wet Teeth by Cecil Castellucci Miles sees Penny at the park after he feeds and she reminds him of a girl he went to high school with The next time they meet they start talking and then Miles starts to feel almost human Sad ending 10 Other Boys by Cassandra Clare Jen, Gabbie and Brigitte are cousins going to the same high school A new kid starts at the school and introduces himself as a vampire But is he really a vampire I guessed this one about halfway through 11 Passing by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie The world has turned upside down with vampires killing all willy nilly Jenn is about to graduate from vampire hunting school but is secretly in love with a vampire named Jack Antonio her partner knows what s going on I enjoyed this story.12 Ambition by Lili St Crow The heroine goes to a Catholic school as a scholarship student and has a rich best friend named Gwyneth Gwyneth sets her up for humiliation at a party and on the way home she meets Johnny, who seems to understand the way she feels so apart from all the golden people Even though the story left you wondering about whether she turned good or bad, it was a likable story.13 All Wounds by Dina James Becky is a high school student with a grandmother with Alzheimer She find out when they have a late night visitor that her grandmother is a healer for the ethereals in their part of the world and should have been but hadn t been training Becky With the help of a vampire master, her grandmother is herself and is able to see that she needs to take care of that Very cute story. Listen up girls, when a strange boy appears in your room and asks to suck your blood, the answer is not, yes, it s pepper spray and baseball bats PEPPER SPRAY BASEBALL BATS Keep these items near your bed at all times First, spray them in the eyes, then, hit em where it hurst with the bat To make your own paranormal proof pepper spray, ingedients are as follows works for normal perps and anything out of the ordinary cayenne red pepper macegarlic powderliquid silver not mercury, get at your local herbalists holy watermix well, pour into small spray bottles, voila D patent pending P.S.Do not try this at home. As always, only read Kelley Armstrong s short story Kat Kat a subject of the experiments performed by the Edison Group has been on a run for over 10 years Now, when the group is closing in, will Kat and her vampire guardian be able to escape once again Kat is a great addition to the world of Dark Powers I hope she will be featured in the future books, I d love to know about her Kat makes another appearance in the upcoming anthology Kisses from Hell in a story titled Hunting Kat.Kelley Armstrong also has Kat posted on her website as a free offering.http www.darkestpowers.com Kat.pdf |Download Book ⚒ The Eternal Kiss: 13 Vampire Tales of Blood and Desire ♱ There S An Allure To Vampire Tales That Have Seduced Readers For Generations From Bram Stoker To Stephenie Meyer And Beyond, Vampire Stories Are Here To Stay For Those Fresh Blooded Fans Of Paranormal Romance Or For Those Whose Hunt And Hunger Never Dies, These Stories Have What Readers Want This Collection Of Original Tales Comes From Some Of The Hottest, Most Popular, And Best Selling YA Writers, Including Holly Black The Spiderwick Chronicles, Tithe Libba Bray A Great And Terrible Beauty Melissa De La Cruz Blue Blood Cassandra Clare City Of Bones Rachel Caine Morganville Vampires Nancy Holder Debbie Viguie Wicked Cecil Castellucci Boy Proof, Queen Of Cool Kelley Armstrong Women Of Otherworld Maria V Snyder Sarah Rees Brennan Lili St Crow Karen Mahoney Dina JamesThey Will Make Everyone A Sucker For Eternal Kisses Probably of a 2.5, but I ll give it a three because I m nice like that I reviewed each story as I read them You might be able to pick up when I got fed up with vampires Falling to Ash by Karen Mahoney Moth has returned home for her mother s memorial service Her sire, Theo, decides to take advantage of the situation and send her on a little mission Action packed and an easy page turner, but the drive behind her family s beliefs did not feel real at all Added detail that probably could have been left out of such a short story unless it fit into a series I don t know about Shelter Island by Melissa de la Cruz Childish A ghost story for 10year olds, if that Hannah is awoken at 3am each night by the lights flicking on and off and a door banging One night, she finds a boy in her room a vampire who claims he lives there The revelation at the end isn t very exciting, either Sword Point by Maria V Snyder Ava has been invited to an exclusive training academy for fencing, karate and the like She tries hard to fit in, but after a mishap at the bus stop with a karate trainer, she starts to notice strange things about the Academy, like a room filled with wooden weapons I liked this one, and the ending made me laugh even if it was a bit quick to my liking I would have liked to have read The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black A definite favourite Matilda has been bitten by a vampire, but unlike the norm, it takes 88 days for the infection to pass If in those 88 days she drinks blood, she will officially become a vampire Trying to hold out for those 88 days, Matilda attempts to stay drunk so she s not tempted to bite anyone, but a friend comes asking for help that ends her 88 day countdown his sister and Matilda s boyfriend, Julian, are looking for entry into Coldtown so they, too, can become vampires I liked the basis of Vampires, and the world Holly has created is definitely interesting although the name, Coldtown, irritated me The final twist sent shivers down my spine I d definitely pick it up in novel form Undead is Very Hot Right Now by Sarah Rees Brennan Christian is part of a band, 4 The One, and hates his bandmates, his manager, and the fact that he s forced to play the stereotypical vampire role On the eve of their first concert, he meets a girl who he thinks will love him for him, rather than because he s a famous vampire I think I would describe this one as a bit of a vampire parody At first, I thought it was just stupid, and then realised that so much of it was mocking the essence of vampires Faye, the band manager, is probably the best character she s HILARIOUS Eg, she sews Christian s cape to his sleeve so that when lifting his arm, he ll do that vampire thing Hilarious Kat by Kelley Armstrong The main reason I bought this book I absolutely adore Kelley Armstrong This time round, Kelley s leading lady, Kat, is a teenage girl on the run with her vampire foster mum, Marguerite What I enjoyed about this was how it tied in with her Supernatural world, in particularly to the Darkest Powers series Also proof that you don t need a cute boy involved to make a vampire story interesting The Thirteenth Step by Libba Bray ARGH This story was fast becoming a favourite, but half of it is missing Pages 193 to 208 were repeated, and then all pages up to 225 aren t there Terribly frustrating Set in NYC, Lauren takes up a job as an assistant in Angelus House, a safe house for troubled teens and addicts It has a bunch of awesome characters including sexy Johannes , fast paced narrative and an intricate plot, considering the length Definitely what a short story should be well excluding the missing pages All Hallows by Rachel Caine It s Halloween Time to dress up as Catwoman, go partying, and then rescue your vampire boyfriend from a bunch of jocks Predictable I did love Shane though He cracked me up Wet Teeth by Cecil Castellucci While hunting one night, Miles meets a girl who soon becomes an obsession for him, making him feel alive than he s ever felt since becoming a vampire This story epic I was gagging on the first page from his description of skin and veins stuck in his teeth, and yet the story still manages to feel beautiful I LOVED the end Other Boys by Cassandra Clare Jen picks up a sudden fascination with vampires when the new boy at school, Colin, claims to be one Her strict parents won t allow her to date, so she takes the matter into her own hands i.e sneaking out with Colin at night Also predictable Passing by Nancy Holderand Debbie Viguie Vampire hunter academy It s the day of the final exam, and only one student can graduate To put it bluntly, I was bored I don t know if this is because I m getting bored of all these vampire stories, or if it was just boring It felt unoriginal Sorry, vampire academies are not original Neither is falling in love with the enemy Neither is the good vampire There were a lot of things I didn t like, clearly and I ended up skipping pages Ambition by Lili St Crow This one confused me The narrator was her name ever mentioned is an outsider at her prestigious Catholic school, and apart from her best friend Gwyneth, she s never gotten along with anyone After a practical joke at a party, the narrator goes to an all age club and meets Johnny Vampire Johnny Now, that didn t confuse me But when he asked Mystery Girl if she wanted to be turned, he gave her conditions which we re not told which made absolutely NO sense I m trying not to spoil here, but if anyone who reads this has a vague idea about the ending, I want to know your opinion on what happened All Wounds by Dina James At 9pm, Becky receives a mysterious visitor banging on her front door, demanding to be let in Not only is he carrying a wounded classmate in his arms, but Becky s Nana seems to know who he is, and what First of all, Mary Sue all over the place Second of all, I m sick of being introduced to vampires Haha Can you tell I m over this anthology OverallSo many vampire stories in so little time If it didn t start as a burnt novelty, it certainly ended that way Don t get me wrong I enjoyed some of the stories, generally the stories where vampires already existed and the whole OMG, VAMPIRES ARE REAL conversation didn t take place yet again Considering I picked this up having only read Kelley Armstrong s books, I d like to think some authors I ve previously avoided have now been brought to my attention Holly Black, Libba Bray More importantly, I know which ones to definitely avoid I m disappointed Richelle Mead wasn t asked to participate in this anthology, though It would have made it all the better.So, is it worth reading Yes, if you re looking for some vamp stories to pass the time, or if you d like to explore a variety of supernatural worlds.If you re expecting anything of substantial depth, mindblowing adventure, or whirlwind romance don t bother. The Eternal Kiss 12 Vampire Tales of Blood and Desire Edited by Trisha Telep Age Range Young Adult ISBN 13 9780762437177 Authors included Holly Black The Spiderwick Chronicles, Tithe Libba Bray A Great and Terrible Beauty Melissa De La Cruz Blue Blood Cassandra Clare City of Bones Rachel Caine Morganville Vampires Nancy Holder Debbie Viguie Wicked Cecil Castellucci Boy Proof, Queen of Cool Kelley Armstrong Women of Otherworld Maria V Snyder Sarah Rees Brennan Lili St Crow Karen Mahoney Dina JamesMy review I was skeptical with this book based upon its title and cover I was worried that something that seemed very sexual parted lips, tilted neck with the bite marks, no hint of a shirt would not be appropriate for my students How could something that looked very much like a romance book be marketed for young adults After reading it, I don t know where the cover came from I know that I am not supposed to judge something purely based upon the cover, but this led me to believe something totally different from the books was The only thing that it managed to get right was that the book is clearly about vampires In most cases, these stories had nothing to do with romance, even the young adult kind This leaves me ambivalent about the story Some of the stories were really good, but it just didn t seem like they should be in a book with this title and cover I don t think that is enough for me to say that I didn t enjoy the book, but it was like getting a candy that you expected to be strawberry and it turned out to be apple It s not bad, but not necessarily good either.Regardless, this was my favorite story My favorite story was the first one Falling to Ash by Karen Mahoney It wasn t too long, but I felt like I actually had a good idea who the characters were Moth has been called back from her time off by her master We know that she was turned against her will, she is stubborn, a thief, and young She is told that she needs to break in to a hunter s home and steal an urn In the process she meets a cute boy that lets her into the building Little does she know, this cute boy is the son of the famous hunter How does she get out of this mess Read and find out This one was actually pretty good at defining the main characters and pulling off some tension.This was my least favorite story SPOILER ALERT My least favorite story was Ambition by Lili St Crow Admittedly, I can t think of anything that I have read by Lili St Crow, so it could just be her story, but I feel like I could tell you everything that happened in this story and not give anything away The scholarship kid at a fancy school is starting to feel like her best friend is pulling away from her They go to a party and people try to pull a dirty trick on her, so she leaves the party and goes to a club At the club she meets a guy This guy is hot and draws her attention She sneaks out to meet up with him He bites her and drains her of most of her blood He then tells her that she has a choice The author says that he tells her what the choice is, but doesn t share it with the audience Then the girl goes to her best friend s house for a sleepover Once everyone is asleep, she lets the boy into the house and goes to the car That s pretty much the end of the story Who knows what the choice is, or what happens to the people in the house, or if the boy even comes back to the car I like stories with some ambiguity, but this is just ridiculous It s fun to make up your own ending, but you need something to work with in order to do that This story just doesn t give you enough to work with You don t know much about the characters, there is nothing that may lead you to any conclusions about what the choice is, or what may happen if he does or does not come back to the car It s rather ridiculous I think this is a pure failure of a writing technique to draw an audience in It makes me feel like she had a limited amount of time to throw something together and didn t have a clear idea of what she wanted to write.Anyways, the other stories are in the middle Some of them are better than others There are some fantastic writer s in this collection, but in most cases this is not the best version of their work Also, there are some author s that use characters from their novel series I tend to enjoy this, but if you haven t read anything from them before then you may be lost Also, most of the stories are about growing and making choices than connecting with other characters This should be an important part of the setup of the book, and I think that Telep fails the audience by not doing that I hesitate to offer a ranking that is set in stone, but I would give it about 3 stars.It s average. There are 13 short stories in this book Falling to Ash by Karen Mahoney This is great and definitely made me want to read of what I felt was a longer storyShelter Island by Melissa de la Cruz This story is pretty uneventful, much like her other writing the Blue Bloods series, I would skip itSword Point by Maria V Snyder If you don t know anything about fencing, this story will get really boring REALLY fastThe Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black This story was so awesome I had to go out and buy Holly Black s book Tithe , just to see what her longer works are all aboutUndead is Very Hot Right Now by Sarah Rees Brennan This is witty and original and makes me want to read some of Sarah Rees Brennan s stuffKat by Kelley Armstrong After reading this great story by Kelley Armstrong, I went out and bought her book Bitten , and as a result of reading that as well, Kelley is one of my new favorite authorsThe Thirteenth Step by Libba Bray After reading this, I really wanted to read some by Libba Bray, but I m not so much for the Victorian era that her current series is set in Libba this means you need to write a vampire novel All Hallows by Rachel Caine Fun with my favorite Morganville residents Shane, Eve, Claire, and of course Michael Read this and then read Rachel Caine s Morganville Vampires series for fun Wet Teeth by Cecil Castellucci Awesome interpretation of the human less thought about side of being a vampire Need to find stuff by this author Other Boys by Cassandra Clare Ok, so I know she s had some controversy in the past, but the of Cassandra Clare s stuff I read, the I dislike her This story is very obviously a ripoff of Twilight and Jessica s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side Cassandra Clare hasn t been very original so far I don t know why I expected this to be any different.Passing by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie This could be the beginning of a really great vampire novel or the middle, for that matter After reading this, I went out and bought Nancy Holder s novel Pretty Little DevilsAmbition by Lili St Crow Suspense Intrigue Awesome All Wounds by Dina James I could see this being the beginning of a great seriesLove it