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Although Carolyn had a few novels under her belt already, Once a Witch was my first experience with her writing, and I m looking forward to.Tamsin was a very relatable character Feeling like you don t quite fit in with your family or that you ll never live up to their standards is something that I remember struggling with myself I loved the dynamics of her family and how even though it was so huge everyone was close in their own ways It was refreshing to read about a normal happy and loving family even if they were witches Characterization was great, even with the secondary characters I would have liked to seen the relationship between Gabriel and Tamsin a little developed I know they were supposed to have a history, but it still felt like there was something missing Although, I did enjoy the comic relief that Gabriel provided.The plot was interesting um I mean, engaging I don t think I ll ever say interesting again after reading this book Anyway, the plot was engaging A little mystery, a dash of romance, all rolled up into a ball of intrigue Delivers one magical novel Overall, it was just fun A feel good, can t wait for the next one, kind of read. This was great I like Tamsin and Gabriel a lot a little action would have been nice but if I had a sister like Rowena I d be in jail before my thirteenth birthday mumbles condescending bitch Read this, all the cool kids are doing it [Download E-pub] ♁ Once a Witch ♗ Your Daughter Will Be One Of The Most Powerful We Have Ever Seen In This Family She Will Be A Beacon For Us All Tamsin Greene Comes From A Long Line Of Witches, And On The Day She Was Born, Her Grandmother Proclaimed She Would Be One Of The Most Talented Among ThemBut Tamsin S Magic Never Showed UpNow, Seventeen Years Later, She Spends Most Of Her Time At Boarding School In Manhattan, Where She Can At Least Pretend To Be Normal But During The Summers, She S Forced To Return Home And Work At Her Family S Bookstore Magic ShopOne Night A Handsome Young Professor From New York University Arrives In The Shop And Mistakes Tamsin For Her Extremely Talented Older Sister For Once, It S Tamsin Who S Being Looked At With Awe And Admiration, And Before She Can Stop Herself, She Agrees To Find A Family Heirloom For Him That Was Lost Than A Century Ago But The Search And The Stranger Prove To Be Sinister Than They First Appeared, Ultimately Sending Tamsin On A Treasure Hunt Through Time That Will Unlock The Secret Of Her True Identity, Unearth The Past Sins Of Her Family, And Unleash A Power So Strong And So Vengeful That It Could Destroy Them AllIn A Spellbinding Display Of Storytelling, Carolyn MacCullough Interweaves Witchcraft, Romance, And Time Travel In A Fantasy That Will Exhilarate, Enthrall, And Thoroughly Enchant This book is about Tamsin who is born into a family with great expectations They are all Talented meaning that they all have specific powers that they are able to use Her grandmother predicts that she will be the strongest and most powerful Talented witch Her family is ecstatic and expect the best from her They are disappointed to realize that she has no powers Feeling like an outsider, she tries to stay away from her family and be like a normal 17 year old girl This ends when she is at her family business and a case of mistaken identity arises She feels that this is her one opportunity to show her family that she i useful and is determined to find this person s lost heirloom.While reading this book the second time and being much wiser only slightly I realize that this book is kind of cliche Let s see what that means More detailed list More powerful elder sister Yep.Attractive former best friend who she ll fall for Yep.Typical bad and power hungry guy Yep.Unlikely hero in the beginning Yep.Turns out to be a superhero Yep.Andhaving to live up to high expectations Yep.Now let s go through them.Her old sister Rowena is seemingly perfect She is beautiful, powerful, and has everything that Tamsin wants Rowena likes to make Tamsin feel bad or uncomfortable A main example in the book is when she shows a complete stranger their house while making a show of causing Tamsin discomfort.Hot Ex Best Friend is the typical character that Tamsin would fall for Even though he wasn t around for a while, they both have instantaneous feelings for each other after being away for many years This was a little doubtful but it was still pretty well done.The bad guy seemed pretty obvious but I m not going to say any about that just in case you don t see that He uses Tamsin s family hoping to get powerful for himself and get back at them He is slightly insane sounding typical and will stop at nothing.Without these typical components, I feel that the book would have been a little better and been less predictable Tamsin, in the beginning, is a typical teenager and moody She tries to emphasize what her family has done to her even though it isn tthatbad.There was a lot of action in this book along with some suspense The awesome time travel helped this They were always concerned about what the consequences would be but they acted anyway.The characters were witty and very funny I liked Gabriel since he did genuinely care about Tamsin even though he wouldn t always agree with her.Tamsin was a great heroine She was able to take care of herself.She was smart and calm during some dealings with the villain Even though she talks bad about her family, she loves them and will do anything to take care of them There is a coming of age on her part since she changes her views and powers through out the book She goes from a winy teenager to a mature young woman throughout the book.It does lead into another book that I ve already read but will re read since they are still good books the second time around. Honestly, I don t have too much to say about this one The story was nice enough, I liked the characters as well as the whole gift concept, but somehow I can t seem to find anything to gush or complain about.When I first started reading I got really excited since the plot moves at a really fast pace and I found myself being glued to the pages I only stopped because I had already spent the better part of my evening reading and this annoying thing called real life kept demanding my attention Strangely enough, when I picked up the book again the next day I wasn t able to regain the same level of excitement as I had felt the day before I assume that if I had read the book in one go as some of my booker friends did I would have been captivated by the fast moving plot, the sweet romance and the likeable characters and probably would have ended up rating it 4 stars However, I did take a break and after I had taken council with my pillow, I found that I didn t really care about how the story would end I didn t feel the need to pick up my book again and continue reading As my friend Olivia once said so perfectly, I wouldn t have gone looking for my book if I had accidentally misplaced it somewhere. 3.5 stars Unexpectedly good, with well developed relationships and an intriguing plot Can t wait for book two Despite a promising start, this book really didn t turn out very good for me I had a hard time swallowing the resolution, since it didn t involve any measure of apology on the part of her family for estranging her all those years One moment she s the bitter black sheep with no measure of witchy Talent, the next she is the most powerful witch of them all, ready to defend her family with her life despite the perpetuated lies they used to alienate her since she was 8 years old The book seemed to be headed in a certain moral direction, one which celebrated individuality rather than following blindly in the footsteps of our ancestors, but in its stead there seemed a message that our destinies are tied whether we like it or not and, in effect, we don t actually have a choice in the things we do Perhaps others will get something different from this book, but for me it was a major disappointment I also felt the romance was effectual when both main characters were sharing in their feelings of seclusion due to their own opposite differences It was an interesting dynamic that the ending destroyed While I know a story that starts out with a witch foretold to be most powerful, but who shows no signs of such, will inevitably gain the powers despite the delay I kind of wanted it to go in the other, unique direction As a result I finished the book feeling emotionally hollow rather than fulfilled. Tamsin is a witch that s not witch The Talentless daughter of a powerful magical family she would prefer to escape And she has escaped at least a little, in her dorm at prep school.But when a dark and mysterious stranger asks her to FIND a clock, Tamsin tells a fib.She claims she can find it.And it s all downhill from there Well, almost all There is Gabriel, the young man from her past who seems not at all disturbed by the fact that she never developed her powers And not too disturbed by the idea of breaking the rules in order to take her back through time And who happens to have a Talent for FINDING things.I really liked the premise of Once a Witch, and Tamsin s frustration at being the Talentless One in her family The other characters were a lot of fun as well Agatha, the insightful roommate Rowena, the snarky older sister and Aunt Beatrice, who has LOST it Whatever it is.Looking forward to the sequel.

I have to say I was pretty surprised at how much I liked this book I ve been reading a lot of mediocre teen books lately so I didn t have my hopes up too high when I started this one Thankfully, it was a really great book Tamsin s family is a group of witches, they each have Talents that manifest at around the age of eight Unfortunately for Tamsin though, her Talent never manifests, but her older sister Rowena is one of the most powerful of the family Tamsin s forced to live in her sister s shadow, always feeling like an outsider.Then one day a professor comes in to the family s bookstore where Tamsin is working and asks her to find an object for him He s heard that Tamsin s family has a knack for finding lost things The professor mistakes Tamsin for her sister and asks her to find a special object for him Not being able to say no, Tamsin takes on the task even though she doesn t have the Talent to do so.Fortunately for Tamsin though, a childhood friend, Gabriel, comes back to live with her family and his Talent is finding lost objects He agrees to help her and they set upon locating what the professor asked her to find, but is it really something that should be found One of the main things I liked about this novel was that each of the witches have special powers It s kind of like wicca and X Men combined, strangely enough One witch can persuade anyone to do anything with their voice, another can freeze people, and yet another can control fire And the Talents are handled in a way that s not cheesy at all Tamsin herself is a great heroine She s spunky and smart, and even though she has her differences with her family, especially her sister, she still loves them and cares for them Her rebellious nature stems from always feeling like the black sheep of the family, and she really just wants to belong with the rest of them I really liked the whole mystery within the story and I was increasingly curious as to how everything would play out You can kind of tell how things will go but you re still left wondering at times.Honestly, this book caught me by surprise I wasn t expecting much but it turned out this was a really engaging read I m hoping the author is going to write a sequel soon, because I can t wait to find out what s going to happen next Once a Witch Witch 1 , Carolyn MacCulloughTamsin Greene comes from a long line of witches, and she was supposed to be one of the most Talented among them But Tamsin s magic never showed up Now seventeen, Tamsin attends boarding school in Manhattan, far from her family But when a handsome young professor mistakes her for her very Talented sister, Tamsin agrees to find a lost family heirloom for him The search and the stranger will prove to be sinister than they first appeared, ultimately sending Tamsin on a treasure hunt through time that will unlock the secret of her true identity, unearth the sins of her family, and unleash a power so vengeful that it could destroy them all This is a spellbinding display of storytelling that will exhilarate, enthrall, and thoroughly enchant 2016 278.