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I loved this book As with her previous books, Moran has a knack for bringing the ancient world alive Following the defeat and death of her parents, Cleopatra Selene along with her two brothers are taken to Rome by Octavian where they will be raised by his sister Octavia the wife Marc Antony left for Cleopatra the woman must have been a saint The book covers about a 3 year period as Selene grows up under the watchful eye of Octavia and learns about life and love If you don t know much about her, don t Google her or you ll ruin the end of the story I m not staring I m observing And what do you observe A brave young woman who has always fought for what was right, even when it was unpopular Michelle Moran, Cleopatra s DaughterI have now read several of Michelle Moran s books and this is one of my favorites Being a real enthusiastic reader of Cleopatra I wanted to read this because it is about her daughter I have now read two books on Cleopatra Selene, this one and Cleopatra s Moon But this was the first book I read on Cleopatra s daughter and it was elegantly written, beautifully crafted and just plain wonderful to read.So I really enjoyed this for all the reasons one enjoys Historical fiction This is told from the daughter s point of view and I did read some of the other reviews and a few did not like that this book is in a child s voice.I did not see that as an obstacle at all in my reading enjoyment She maybe a child but wise and strong beyond her age And She does grow and mature during the book but she is, as stated, young, so those bothered by reading books where the narrator is a YA may not take to this I loved it.I loved the romance aspect, the stunning atmosphere, the Historical element It was a great book and I wound up suggesting it to my old book club and they loved it too Read it if you want some awesome Historical Fiction. Wow I loved this book Cleopatra s Daughter is one of the best books I have read for a long time Cleopatra Selene, her twin brother, Alexander, and their young brother Ptolemy suffer the loss of their parents, Cleopatra and Marc Antony, when Romans invade Egypt As the children of the King and Queen of Egypt, Selene and her brothers are forcibly taken to Rome, essentially as prizes of the war The story takes flight after their arrival in Rome and the twins adjust to a vastly different lifestyle than they knew in Egypt Octavian is the ruler of Rome and the person responsible for their parents deaths, but they have no choice to obey and trust him because he is repsonsible for their livelihood Octavian has the children live with his kind sister and her son, but still their fates are ominously uncertain When they arrive in Rome, Selene and Alexander are only eleven and not a threat to Octavian, but will they still be safe when they reach adulthood at 15 Each and every character leapt off the page and their vivid personalities were based on historical record Selene was definitely her mother s daughter, an intelligent, strong girl, not afraid to stand up for herself and what she believes in Her compassion for the less fortunate showed her soft and caring side Selene had a passion for drawing and her talent for sketching buildings impressed even Octavian Selene s peers were interested in betting on chariot races and shopping than participating in her scholarly and charitable pursuits, but they were definitely supportive of her and idealistic than the older generation Selene loves getting attention from Octavian s nephew and probable heir, Marcellus Marcellus is handsome, young, and carefree, and clearly admires Selene s beauty as well as her morals Selene fails to notice that Juba, one of Octavian s most trusted guards, admires her as well for her strength and hope along with her humanitarian endeavors.I loved the portrayal of Selene s relationship with Alexander As twins, they had an incredibly close bond that was strengthened by the loss of their family and home Sometimes they felt like all they had was each other They were much learned than most Romans, due to their mother s guidance, and they would speak to each other in languages that no one else could understand Moran really captured their deep bond, affection for each other, and even playfulness The author added the fictional character of the Red Eagle to represent those Romans who fought against slavery The identity of the Red Eagle is a secret and the mystery surrounding him and his adventures add a lot of excitement to the story.Michelle Moran really brought Selene s world alive She told an epic story but never lost sight of the everyday details of ancient Rome I felt like I could see Juba s statues, Selene s scrolls, and Marcellus and Alexander s betting dice My only complaint about this book is that at 400 pages, it was over too soon I feel like there is much of Selene s story to be told, and really hope that Moran has plans for a sequel Reviewed for I read a lot of Roman material fiction, history, contemporary letters, etc So when an author s view of Rome significantly departs from what is known about the period, it yanks me out of the story My wife and I had recently finished Colleen McCullough s masterful multi volume series on Rome, which ended with the event at which this book begins The contrast was jarring Perhaps it says about the quality of writing, but I think it says about the comparative depth of research McCullough s bibliography runs to nearly 50 pages of primary sources.Perhaps it s the narrator s voice a teenage Egyptian princess in Rome is a typical fish out of water, and her upbringing and youth would provide a much smaller lens from which to view the Rome to which she s been forcibly brought But the author gets enough things wrong the value of a denarius, the appropriate size of a dowry, the value of daughters to noble Roman males as political assets, injecting 21st century political issues same sex marriage into 1st century BCE heads that I had serious trouble staying in the world Moran created But it was a Christmas gift, so we persisted.Frustrations with historicity aside, the novel was predictable, and few of the characters felt fully rendered, none of them men Livia is little than a snarling harpy You are left to wonder how Moran s Octavian managed to conquer the Roman world.But no matter It s safe to say I was not the intended audience But it s an odd book not romantic enough to be a romance, insufficient veritas to stand as reliable historical fiction. so I gave up after 120 pages The perspective was from a 10 year old in 27BC who sounds like a 25 year old in 2010 AD very Dawson s Creek, but not is a good way.

While an interesting take on the children of Cleopatra and Marc Antony, there is very little imagination or even characterization going on here You don t feel attached to the characters, there is little to no reason to keep reading, and even the plot is a play by play account and not a real story The ending feels like a sop to keep the reader happy than an ending, and even the intriguing characters seem flat and uncaring I enjoyed the background because I like historical fiction, but for the most part, it s a shame There was so much potential with this story, and Moran botched it. Semua orang tentu mengetahui Kleopatra, sang ratu Mesir yang terkenal dengan kecantikan dan kelicikannya Kleopatra VII, yang kisah cintanya dengan Marc Anthony adalah salah satu cerita cinta terbesar pada waktu Sebelum Masehi Tapi setelah kematian Kleopatra yang menyedihkan, kehidupan Mesir tidak berakhir begitu saja Masih ada anak anak Kleopatra dan Marc Anthony, yang terus hidup dan menderita.Setelah kematian Kleopatra dan Marc Anthony, ketiga anak mereka diambil oleh Octavian, kaisar Romawi yang berhasil menduduki Mesir Si kembar berusia 12 tahun Kleopatra Selene dan Alexander Helios, serta adik mereka Ptolemy yang masih berusia 3 tahun, sengaja dibiarkan hidup untuk dibawa ke Roma dalam Perayaan Kemenangan Octavian Octavian sengaja membiarkan mereka hidup karena itu akan membuatnya terlihat bermurah hati, dan agar mereka dapat berguna dalam perkawinan politik yang akan disusun olehnya.Selene dan Alexander kehilangan hampir segalanya harta mereka, posisi mereka sebagai Pangeran dan Putri, rumah mereka di Mesir, orang tua mereka, bahkan adik mereka Ptolemy yang sakit keras dan akhirnya mati Mereka dipaksa menyesuaikan diri dan mengakui diri mereka sebagai warga Roma Memakai pakaian ala orang Roma, pulasan seperti warga Roma, dan menilai sesuatu dari sudut pandang Roma Selene yang cantik dan cerdas, meskipun keras kepala, menemukan kebebasannya dalam melukis arsitektur gedung gedung Kakak kembarnya Alexander yang tampan dan ramah lebih memilih pacuan kuda dan bersosialisasi dengan anak anak Roma lainnya Mereka melindungi satu sama lain, dan bersumpah akan kembali ke Mesir bersama sama suatu hari nanti.Di umur yang masih belia, para anak anak bangsawan Roma sudah mengerti bahaya dan kewajiban mereka pada Roma Tindakan tindakan dan ucapan mereka bagaikan anak berumur 15 atau 16 tahun di masa kini Sekali, saudara tiri Selene dan Alexander yang masih berumur 10 tahun datang dan memperingatkan mereka agar berguna untuk Octavian, karena itulah satu satunya cara untuk bertahan hidup di Roma Kemiskinan dan bayi bayi yang ditelantarkan bukanlah hal yang aneh di Roma Perkawinan bagi wanita adalah kewajiban, dan ayah serta saudara lelaki merekalah yang memutuskan perkawinan itu Budak budak adalah pihak yang tak bisa menuntut Kaum bangsawan dan senat adalah pihak yang akan selalu memerintah Roma.Merskipun tidak seratus persen sama dengan sejarah, Cleopatra s Daughter berhasil menyuguhkan kisah yang menawan dengan setting Sebelum Masehi Istilah istilah Latin seperti chitos dan domina mewarnai cerita, dan kebiasaan kebiasaan orang Romawi digambarkan dengan begitu baik Setiap tokoh dalam cerita memegang peran yang penting, terutama tokoh Red Eagle yang digambarkan sebagai tokoh misterius yang ingin menghentikan perbudakan di Roma Aku terutama mengagumi tokoh Selene yang pandai, tegar, dan tak pernah berhenti menyerah dalam memerangi ketidakadilan.Cleopatra s Daughter membuatku menangis dan tertawa Efek yang ditimbulkannya begitu dahsyat, dan aku yakin seperti setiap buku yang luar biasa, buku ini akan tetap mempengaruhiku dalam waktu yang lama Aku bahkan merasa sedih ketika aku mencapai halaman terakhir, dan membaca halaman terakhir kisah ini. Where to start When I first started this a month ago I was really disappointed in it In fact, so disappointed that I put it down for 2 3 weeks I ordered it because I was in the mood for a historical novel that would teach me things through a fantastic story A story like one by Follett, Gable, Gordon Those authors make me feel like I just had the best history lecture ever, without it ever feeling like one Cleopatra s daughter felt like I was reading a middle grade historical novel Imagine Percy Jackson turned into Cleopatra s daughter I would have not ordered it had I known that, but all you ever get to read about is how it is an intelligent historical novel and how the author has been working at archaeological sites around the world The characters didn t have any depth, they were naive and extremely young especially the main character, a 12 year old girl and her spoiled friend , important characters, like the emperor of Rome, acted unrealistically, the story line was flat and rushed The most exciting thing happened within the last 50p and it happened completely out of nowhere Just..ugh, irritating As far as historical facts and input goes, this really didn t teach me anything I studied Latin for over 6 years and am familiar with Roman life during that time It truly was uncomfortable to see how the author build in facts and dropped names in the most obvious way Here is a fact historical person for you was how it felt.The only people I d recommend this to would be girls around the age 12 15 who have never read a historical novel before and can relate to silly girl crushes and naive main characters It probably is a great first step into the genre for a young teen I remember reading similar things before heading into grown up historical fiction So, all in all, somewhere between 1 2 stars for me. In terms of the recommendation to those who love historical fiction and ancient Egypt, as a voracious reader and someone so interested in history that I ve made a career out of it, I ve got to say that my response was of a mixed bag to this book.There were good and bad things to say about this book I didn t like the blatant name dropping, especially as it served little to no purpose and seemed to be added in purely for the Ooooh, look, there s Ovid And this is Vercingetorix s daughter factor It just seemed unnecessary to drop names when the main characters and plot ought to be able to carry a novel There were also some implausible moments, such as Octavian taking the children with him out and about in Alexandria, or Octavia befriending them instantly having the children by another woman of the husband who abandoned you dropped into your care You d at least think it d take a while to bond Also the twins seem to fit into their new lives and companions in Rome rather quickly, which surprised me given the traumatising experiences they d been through It just takes away from a sense that these are real people reacting as real people would Well drawn characters react to events around them in a way that makes sense given their personality and experiences, and it shows refinement from an author if they can create characters who seem to react and grow almost naturally.There s a lot of exposition throughout the book It s all too obvious that it s exposition for the benefit of the reader, and unfortunately it hasn t been done subtly The information conveyed consists of all the most iconic trivia about the Romans that has filtered into the public consciousness, and the way it s presented is rather clunky and simplistic in a oh and by the way did you know kind of way, such as Octavian saying And remember, a third of Rome s population is enslaved It s not woven into the plot very often, it tends to take the form of one character verbally explaining things to another character The plot twists can be seen a mile off, and by page 80 I had guessed who the Red Eagle would be and who Kleopatra Selene would end up with I m avoiding saying who so as not to give spoilers, but it s become a real trend in historical fiction recently The inclusion of the fictional Red Eagle plot surprised me because it s such a well worn storyline in so many books before, the classic masked fighter of injustice in the big city trope, and I wondered if Moran felt like she had to include it out of fear that readers would think the unembellished true story was too boring or dull.In addition, the scope of the story felt very insular and small scale, and not just because Kleopatra Selene is the first person narrator The sense of epic scale is missing from this book, which feels strange given that the events and characters were so important historically Many scenes are blinkered and narrow in scope, and I felt that there were some missed opportunities to convey a grander scale of events for example, Octavian s first triumph is covered in only two pages and most of that consists of Kleopatra Selene s internal thoughts with a few titbits of description thrown in, and I was a bit disappointed that it didn t really evoke the magnitude of the occasion I was pleasantly surprised by the author s note at the back of the book, and really appreciated Moran having a frank discussion about some of the changes she made to the history However, I was also disappointed that there were so very many inaccuracies which are not mentioned in the author s note Poor Octavian takes a beating on the historical accuracy front his description and many of his actions in the novel are in fact made up and I thought he was too vilified.On the positive side, the story built up well to the climax, creating tension and probably the most emotion in the entire novel with a certain tragic incident, and then releasing that tension with the double revelation of the Red Eagle s identity and the identity of Kleopatra Selene s intended husband Though the writing was rather simplistic, it seemed forgivable if I approached this as a children s book I actually think it was a good marketing decision to rate this book as for Young Adults Adults her previous two novels were defined only for the Adults group I think Moran needs to go further and market it completely at the early teens age group Viewing it from that perspective, the story comes off as an enjoyable teenaged adventure romp It s not earth shattering literature, but it seems really well suited to an enthusiastic young historian, or those times when you just want to kick back and read something fun and unchallenging.4 out of 10 `FREE E-PUB ↡ Cleopatra's Daughter ☉ At The Dawn Of The Roman Empire, When Tyranny Ruled, A Daughter Of Egypt And A Son Of Rome Found Each OtherSelene S Legendary Parents Are Gone Her Country Taken, She Has Been Brought To The City Of Rome In Chains, With Only Her Twin Brother, Alexander, To Remind Her Of Home And All She Once Had Living Under The Watchful Eyes Of The Ruling Family, Selene And Her Brother Must Quickly Learn How To Be Roman And How To Be Useful To Caesar She Puts Her Artistry To Work, In The Hope Of Staying Alive And Being Allowed To Return To Egypt Before Long, However, She Is Distracted By The Young And Handsome Heir To The Empire When The Elusive Red Eagle Starts Calling For The End Of Slavery, Selene And Alexander Are In Grave Danger Will This Mysterious Figure Bring Their Liberation, Or Their Demise